Monday, June 27, 2011

Decide To Be Married Day, Sunglasses Day, "Happy Birthday To You" Day, more

June 27th, 2011 is Decide To Be Married Day, Sunglasses Day, "Happy Birthday To You" Day, National Orange Blossom Day, Please Take My Children To Work Day, Paul Bunyan Day, National HIV Testing Day, Independence Day (Djibouti), and Canadian Multiculturalism Day.

Today is Decide To Be Married Day. Who knew this was an option? Nobody told me, back in the day when I turned 35 and the news anchors said women over 35 had a greater chance of being struck by lightning than getting married. Oh, well. For me, at least, love arrived before the lightning.

Look like a celebrity and protect your eyes by celebrating Sunglasses Day. If you read this late in the day, emulate Corey Hart by wearing sunglasses at night.

Double congrats if today is your birthday, because June 27th is "Happy Birthday To You" DayMildred J. Hill wrote the melody on this date and her sister, Patty Smith Hill, a teacher, wrote the lyrics to what was then titled "Good Morning to All." The classroom hit later evolved into "Happy Birthday to You." The Hill sisters didn't earn much money for the song, but later copyright owners sure did.

Googling for information about National Orange Blossom Day, I expected to find something botanical, or at least gardenish. All I found, however, is a foodie tribute. Who knew orange blossoms aren't just for beauty anymore?

Parents need time off too! Please Take My Children To Work Day is a time for parents to foist their children off on other people - either at their own workplaces or at the workplaces of their childless friends. Of course, some places are better than others. Candy factory - awesome! Firehouse - good, as long as at least one adult stays behind when the alarms go off. Sewage treatment plant - nah.

June 27th honors a mythical 30-foot-tall man who wields an axe and hangs around with a blue ox named Babe. Happy Paul Bunyan Day.

National HIV Testing Day is meant to encourage everyone to "Take the Test, Take Control." Early detection is critical, to help stop the spread of AIDS.

Djibouti celebrates its independence from France on June 27th, Independence Day.

Canadian Multiculturalism Day was established in 2002, "to recognise the economic, social and cultural benefits of multiculturalism, and to assist in the integration of immigrant people into the wider community, emphasising democracy, equality and mutual respect in all areas of life."

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  1. haha your post about Corey Hart made me laugh! I'll definitely be wearing my Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses tonight in honor of National Sunglasses Day!

  2. LOL Sam! Glad to see I'm not the only one who remembers Corey Hart. Hope you rock those sunglasses tonight.

  3. It's my birthday on June 27 XD

  4. Wow, Anon! You're reeeaaallly late for 6/27/11, and a bit early for 6/27/13. Happy Birthday, anyway.

  5. Happy B-Day anonymous.

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