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Valentine full moon names for February 14th, 2014

Full moon. Image: morgueFile.

Feeling romantic? The full moon for February 2014 coincides with Valentine's Day and the Chinese Lantern Festival on February 14th, or on the 15th, depending on your location. Following is a list of full moon names for February, ranging from common to surprising. Which names speak to you?

Makes Branches Fall in Pieces Moon - Abenaki
Full Hunger Moon - Algonquin
Full Snow Moon - Algonquin
Ice in River Is Gone - Algonquin
Trapper's Moon - Algonquin
Sucker Moon - Anishnaabe
Frost Sparkling in the Sun - Arapaho
Long Dry Moon - Assiniboine
Navam Poya - Buddhist
Moon of Ice - Celtic
Bony Moon - Cherokee
Budding Moon - Chinese
Little Famine Moon - Choctaw
Trapper's Moon - Colonial American
Sleet Moon - Comanche
Eagle Moon - Cree
Old Moon - Cree
Wind Moon - Creek
Moon of the Raccoon - Dakotah Sioux
Moon When Trees Pop - Dakotah Sioux
Snow Moon - Deborean
Storm Moon - English Medieval
Goose Moon - Haida
Magh Poornima - Hindu
Purnima Vrat - Hindu
Purification and Renewal - Hopi
Avunnivik - Inuit
Dark Moon - Janic
Hunger Moon - Janic
Storm Moon - Janic
Out of Food - Kalapuya
y'amuuni daawaatra - Keresan
Little Bud Moon - Kiowa
Index-Finger (counting on fingers, beginning with thumb in August) - Klamath
Rain and Dancing Moon - Klamath
Halanitca - Kumeyaay
Pattering Showers Moon - Maidu
Squint Rock Moon - Maidu
Trail Breaks Open Moon - Maidu
Lateness Moon - Mohawk
Nuts Moon - Natchez
Full Hunger Moon - Native American
Full Snow Moon - Native American
Squeeky Voice Moon - Navajo
Snow Moon - Neo Pagan
Moon When Geese Come Home - Omaha
When the Spruce Tips Fall - Passamaquoddy
Gray Moon (When Trees Are Bare and Vegetation Is Scarce) - Pima
Cold Winds Moon - Pomo
Month of Rabbit Conception - Potawatomi
Coyote Frighten Moon - San Juan
Crow Moon - Shawnee
Coyote Moon - Shoshoni
Dark Red Calves Moon - Sioux
Raccoon Moon - Sioux
Trees Pop Moon - Sioux
Winter Moon - Taos
Moon of the Cedar Dust Wind - Tewa Pueblo
Black Bear Moon - Tlingit
Big Winter Moon - Unknown
Candles Moon - Unknown
Chaste Moon - Unknown
Cleansing Moon - Unknown
Horning Moon - Unknown
Ice Moon - Unknown
Red and Cleansing Moon - Unknown
Wild Moon - Unknown
Quickening Moon - Wiccan
Fish-Running Moon - Winnebago
Shoulder to Shoulder around the Fire Moon - Wishram
Heka Meecha - Yaqui
Wind Moon - Yuchi
No Snow in Trails Moon - Zuni

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