Friday, October 18, 2013

Full moon and penumbral eclipse for October 2013

Full moon. Image: morgueFile.

The full moon for October 2013 takes place on October 18th or 19th, depending on your location. Too bad it couldn't wait for Halloween. Oh well.

This month's full moon brings a penumbral eclipse,  when the moon passes through earth's shadow. Look for a reddish tint to the moon... creepy!

Following is a list of full moon names for October, ranging from common to surprising.

Leaf Falling Moon - Abenaki
White Frost on Grass and Ground - Algonquin
Falling Leaves Moon - Anishnaabe
Time When the Corn Is Taken In - Apache
Falling Leaves - Arapaho
Joins Both Sides Moon - Assiniboine
Striped Gopher Looks Back Moon - Assiniboine
Vap Poya - Buddhist
Harvest Moon - Celtic
Harvest Moon - Cherokee
Moon When the Water Begins to Freeze on the Edge of the Streams - Cheyenne
Kindly Moon - Chinese
Big Chestnut Moon - Choctaw
Blackberry Moon - Choctaw
Hunter's Moon - Colonial American
Fall Season Moon - Comanche
The Moon the Birds Fly South - Cree
Big Chestnut Moon - Creek
Moon When Quilling and Beading Is Done - Dakotah Sioux
Blood Moon - English Medieval
Wine Moon - English Medieval
Bears Hibernate - Haida
Ashwin Purnima - Hindu
Kojagari Purnima - Hindu
Sharad Poornima - Hindu
Moon of Harvesting - Hopi
Moon of Long Hair - Hopi
Tugluvik - Inuit
After Harvest - Kalapuya
Start Getting Sagittair Roots - Kalapuya
Ten-Colds Moon (early October) - Kiowa
Leaves Full - Klamath
Middle-Finger Moon (counting on fingers, beginning in August) - Klamath
Halanyimcep - Kumeyaay
Moon When the Wind Shakes Off Leaves - Lakota
Time of Poverty - Mohawk
Small Tree Freeze - Mountain Maidu
Small Wind - Navajo
Blood Moon - Neo Pagan
Harvest Moon - Passamaquoddy
Trees Felled by Fire at Butt - Pomo
Moon When They Store Food in Caches - Ponca
Moon of the First Frost - Potawatomi
Wilted Moon - Shawnee
Rutting Moon - Shoshone
Moon of Changing Season - Sioux
Moon of Falling Leaves - Sioux
Corn Ripe Moon - Taos
Big Moon - Tlingit
Young Animals Moon - Tlingit
Dying Grass Moon - Unknown
Sanguine Moon - Unknown
Shedding Moon - Unknown
Snow Moon - Unknown
Spirit Moon - Unknown
Travel Moon - Unknown
White Frost Moon - Unknown
Windermanoth - Unknown
Winterfelleth Moon - Unknown
Acorns Cached - Valley Maidu
Blood Moon - Wiccan
Travel in Canoes Moon - Wishram
Yohti Meecha - Yaqui
Corn Ripening - Yuchi
Big Wind Moon - Zuni

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