Friday, May 4, 2012

Supermoon: Full moon names for May 2012

Full moon. Image: morgueFile.

May 2012 brings a supermoon - this year's most spectacular full moon. A supermoon, technically perigee-syzygy, occurs when the full moon and the moon's perigee come within twelve hours. Perigee is the point in the moon's orbit when it comes closest to our planet.

The actual moment of full moon takes place on May 5th or 6th, depending on your location. However, the best time to view the supermoon is when it's only partially visible, at the horizon, because an optical illusion makes the moon seem even bigger.

Following is a list of full moon names for May, ranging from common to surprising. (I won't be observing the Algonquin version this month, thank you very much!)

Field Maker Moon - Abenaki
When Women Weed Corn - Algonquin
Blossom Moon - Anishnaabe
Season When the Leaves Are Green - Apache
When the Ponies Shed Their Shaggy Hair - Arapaho
Idle Moon - Assiniboine
Bright Moon - Celtic
Planting Moon - Cherokee
Moon When the Horses Get Fat - Cheyenne
Dragon Moon - Chinese
Panther Moon - Choctaw
Milk Moon - Colonial American
Flower Moon - Comanche
Frog Moon - Cree
Leaves Appear Moon - Cree
Mulberry Moon - Creek
Moon When Leaves Are Green - Dakotah Sioux
Moon to Plant - Dakotah Sioux
Ninth Moon - Dark Janic
Deborean - Flower Moon
Kwurh - Diegueno
Hare Moon - English Medieval
Mothers Moon - Full Janic
Food-Gathering Moon - Haida
Buddha Purnima - Hindu
Vasishakh Poornima - Hindu
Waiting Moon - Hopi
Tigmiyikvik - Inuit
Camas Blooming Time - Kalapuya
Shawiitsishe daawaatra - Keresan
Geese Go North - Kiowa
Summer Tepgan - Kiowa
Little Finger (counting on fingers, beginning with thumb in August) - Klamath
Suckers Dried - Klamath
Halatai - Kumeyaay
Fawns Moon - Maidu
Fish Moon - Maidu
Geese Moon - Maidu
Seeds Moon - Maidu
Time of Big Leaf - Mohawk
Mulberry Month - Muscokee
Little Corn Moon - Natchez
Small Plant Moon - Navajo
Grass Moon - Neo Pagan
Moon When the Little Flowers Die - Osage
Alewive Moon - Passamaquoddy
Ko'ok mashath - Pima
Seeds Ripen - Pomo
Strawberry Moon - Potawatomi
Leaf Tender Moon - San Juan
Strawberry Moon - Shawnee
Budding Moon - Shoshoni
Vesak - Sinhala
Moon When the Ponies Shed - Sioux
Corn Planting Moon - Taos
Month Before Pregnancy - Tlingit
Manukim Muattsi - Tumpisa
Bright Moon - Unknown
Dyad Moon - Unknown
Frogs Return Moon - Unknown
Joy Moon - Unknown
Merry Moon - Unknown
Sproutkale Moon- Unknown
Flower Moon - Wiccan
Hoeing-Corn Moon - Winnebago
The 9th Moon - Wishram
Pahko Meecha - Yaqui
Mulberry Ripening - Yuchi
Yachun kwa'shi'amme - Zuni

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