Friday, March 1, 2013

Pig Day, Work Your Proper Hours Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, more

March 1st, 2013, is Pig Day, Share a Smile Day, Time for a Cuppa Day, Palindrome Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Work Your Proper Hours Day, Plan a Solo Vacation Day, ReFired Not Retired Day, National Horse Protection Day, International Day of the Seal, Self-Injury Awareness Day, Baba Marta, World Day of Prayer, St. David's Day, Day of the Balearic Islands, Independence Movement Day, National Heroes Day (Paraguay), Fruit Compote Day, and Peanut Butter Lovers Day.  

On Pig Day, either be kind to our snouted friends or have some bacon!

Share a Smile Day is self-explanatory. See how many people smile back.

Time for a Cuppa Day is about relaxing over a cuppa tea, but only partly so. In the UK groups organize charity events, featuring tea and baked goods, to raise funds for Dementia UK. 

Number-lovers take note: today brings the first of many Palindrome Day events in March. 3-1-13 is the same, forward or backward.

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. If you're fortunate enough to be the boss, think back to your days as an employee. What gesture could your boss have made, to make your workday a little brighter? Nothing beats a raise, of course.

On Work Your Proper Hours Day, try to work your regularly scheduled hours and no more. Don't stay late; don't skimp on your lunch break. (Of course, if this puts you behind schedule on a task, you might have to come in early on Monday.)

Need to get away - from everything and everyone? You're in luck, because today is Plan a Solo Vacation Day. Even if you're in no position to travel right now, the very act of planning a solo adventure could be cathartic.

In the spirit of ReFired Not Retired Day, consider retirement as a new adventure, not as the end of the line. Find a new cause or project to ignite your passion. This is great advice, whether you're retired now, about to retire, or simply contemplating retirement sometime in the future.

National Horse Protection Day promotes the well-being of horses. The need is great. In our current economy, some horse owners are forced to give up their equine family members, but animal shelters aren't equipped for horses.

On National Self-Injury Awareness Day, learn more about this psychological disorder that affects more people than you might imagine.

On Baba Marta in Bulgaria, people decorate their clothes, their dogs, their cats, their livestock, and their houses with martenitsi. These items used to be amulets to ward off evil, but today they celebrate the coming of spring. Martenitsi are red and white woven threads, sometimes decorated with tassels, gold coins, blue beads, or colorful threads. Chestita Baba Marta - Happy Grandma Marta!

The first Friday in March is the World Day of Prayer.

Wales honors its patron saint on St. David's Day. Some Welsh people wear leeks or daffodils, national emblems of Wales.

Day of the Balearic Islands is a public holiday on these Spanish islands. On this date in 1983 the Balearic Islands' Statute of Autonomy took effect.

South Korea observes Independence Movement Day, celebrating their revolt against Japanese rule.

Paraguay celebrates National Heroes Day, honoring Francisco Solano Lopez, the second president of Paraguay, as well as other national heroes.

Celebrate the coming of spring and fresh fruit on Fruit Compote Day.

Unless you're allergic, have some peanut butter today, in honor of Peanut Butter Lovers Day. Enjoy a classic PB&J or perhaps some chicken satay. Hey - that rhymes!

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