Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wink at the blue moon on August 31st, 2012

Full moon. Image: morgueFile.

Today is the day to use that old phrase, "once in a blue moon." A blue moon is the second full moon in a month, and August 31st, 2012, brings such a rare event. (This month's first full moon took place on August 1st.) The exact moment of full moon varies, depending on your location.

Sadly, the blue moon of August 2012 coincides with the funeral of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. Take a moment to wink at the moon in his honor.

The next blue moon - which by the way isn't really blue - will occur on July 31st. 2015.

And now, for the second time this month, enjoy this list of full moon names for August:

Cutter Moon - Abenaki
Dog Days Moon - Algonquin
Green Corn Moon - Algonquin
Red Moon - Algonquin
Sturgeon Moon - Algonquin
When Indian Corn Is Edible - Algonquin
Wood Cutter's Moon - Algonquin
Berry Moon - Anishnaabe
Geese Shedding Their Feathers - Arapaho
When the Chokeberries Begin to Ripen - Arapaho
Black Cherries Moon - Assiniboine
Nikini Poya - Buddhist
Dispute Moon - Celtic
Drying Up Moon - Cherokee
End of the Fruit Moon - Cherokee
Fruit Moon - Cherokee
Grain Moon - Cherokee
Harvest Moon - Chinese
Big Harvest Moon - Choctaw
Women's Moon - Choctaw
Dog Day's Moon - Colonial American
New Fall Moon - Comanche
Summer Moon - Comanche
Young Ducks Begin to Fly Moon - Cree
Big Harvest Moon - Creek
Big Ripening Moon - Creek
Much Heat Moon - Creek
Moon When All things Ripen - Dakotah Sioux
Fish Moon - Deborean
Corn Moon - English Medieval
Cedar Bark for Hats and Baskets - Haida
Shravan Purnima - Hindu
Raksha Bandhan - Hindu
Narali Poornima - Hindu
Moon of Joyful - Hopi
Moon of Life at its Height - Hopi
Krugyuat tingiviat - Inuit
Dispute Moon - Janic
Harvest Moon - Janic
End of Summer Moon - Kalapuya
Mid Summer Moon - Kalapuya
y'aamuni daawaatra - Keresan
Yellow Leaves Moon - Kiowa
Thumb (counting on fingers, beginning with thumb in August) - Klamath
Halanitca - Kumeyaay
Moon of the Ripening - Lakota
Acorns Ripen - Maidu
Eslakum Middle - Maidu
Corn Moon - Medieval English
Wort Moon - Medieval English
Time of Freshness - Mohawk
Big Harvest Moon - Muscokee
Mulberries Moon - Natchez
Full Red Moon - Native American
Green Corn Moon - Native American
Grain Moon - Native American
Full Sturgeon Moon - Native American (fishing tribes)
Big Harvest - Navajo
Lightening Moon - Neo Pagan
Yellow Flower Moon - Osage
Feather Shedding Moon - Passamaquoddy
First Acorns - Pomo
Corn Is in the Silk Moon - Ponca
Moon of the Middle - Potawatomi
Wheat Cut Moon - San Juan
Plum Moon - Shawnee
Hot Moon - Shoshone
Moon When the Cherries Turn Black - Sioux
Moon When the Geese Shed Their Feathers - Sioux
Autumn Moon - Taos
Berries Ripe on Mountain Moon - Tlingit
Wyrt Moon - Unknown
Corn Moon - Wiccan
Blackberry Patches Moon - Wishram
Dog Days Moon - Yuchi

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